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Investment Planning

Only a small number of people invest professionally. Everyone else approaches it with varying degrees of confusion, fear and recklessness. Insight, experience and a considered strategy can make all the difference.

The lack of a clear overarching financial plan has been the downfall of many amateur investor. I provide clarity, guidance and tried and tested knowledge to help you refine your strategy, understand the market and invest like a professional from day one.

The benefits of Bastow & Co Investment Planning:

  • Invest with a specific objective in mind
  • Align the investment choices you make to your goals
  • Ride Out market dips and bumps
  • Make the most of rewarding opportunities
  • Control and reduce overall risk
  • Take only the risks you can afford
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Bastow & Co.
Pension & Retirement Planning

At some point, most of us want to stop working, but continue to enjoy a good standard of living, without drastically cutting our spending.

For many people, the bulk of the money they will have to spend in retirement will come from private savings such as pensions, investments, a property portfolio or accumulated cash.

Pensions remain one of the most efficient, but at the same time most complex, ways to save. The good news is that today, with the right guidance, people have far greater flexibility to use the ‘pension rules’ to their advantage.

The benefits of Bastow & Co Retirement Planning:

  • Choose the optimum personal pension plan
  • Fast-track your savings using tax-incentivised structures
  • Shelter a portfolio of investments from tax to accelerate growth
  • Keep your target retirement income on track
  • Continually monitor investment returns, inflation, charges, annuity rates and volatility
  • Accurately plan and forecast
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Bastow & Co.
Tax & Estate Planning

Tax is complicated, opaque and arguably your single biggest cost. It is taken from your earnings, your investments, and, in some instances, your estate.

Over a lifetime, many people continue to pay significantly more tax than they need to. Even simple tax-saving actions are regularly ignored or undertaken late. So there’s little wonder we end up paying more than we should. I provide the knowledge and know-how to make tax work for you.

The benefits of Bastow & Co Tax & Estate Planning:

  • Take full advantage of your annual tax allowances
  • Use the tax system more efficiently
  • Transfer investments from taxed accounts into Individual Savings Accounts (ISA) each tax year
  • Make the most of current pension rules to save tax more effectively
  • Avoid potential future pension income shortfalls
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Bastow & Co.
Family Wealth

Every family wants to provide for future generations. We all want our wealth to inspire our loved ones to go forward into the world and achieve great things.

However, there is often a fear that inherited wealth will lead to financial dependency and a loss of drive and initiative – the qualities that often generated the wealth in the first place.

In a complicated world it helps to have an independent third party to act as a sounding board. Using my knowledge and experience of what works in a family, at both a personal and financial level, I can help you, and your family, plot the right course.

The benefits of the Bastow & Co Family Wealth service:

  • Get expert guidance on long-term wealth preservation
  • Develop strategies that help each generation understand their role and responsibilities
  • Identify the most suitable mentors
  • Select the most appropriate structures
  • Create bespoke family trusts
  • Explore the pros and cons of outright gifting
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Bastow & Co.

Over 30 years of financial clarity

Bastow & Co.

Bastow & Co is Andrew Bastow (Dip PFS) - an experienced, independent financial planning specialist with an enlightened approach to finance that focuses on practical actions, clear direction and proven results.

Trusted by clients across Yorkshire, Andrew offers a bespoke advisory service informed by over 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry and proven market insight. This expertise ensures your finances are always two steps ahead.

From the first day, Andrew works in close partnership with you to understand your needs, identify your investment goals and minimise your risks. He specialises in developing personalised investment strategies that makes your money work harder - today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Why Choose Bastow & Co?
  • Fairness and objectivity in all dealings
  • Impartial independent advice
  • A relentless focus on your financial security
  • Continual innovation
  • The information and insight you need to make a sound decision
  • High standards of effectiveness and efficiency
  • Open, honest and clear communication
  • Accuracy, integrity and punctuality

A brighter financial future in five steps

Bastow & Co’s tried and tested 5-step process ensures you receive the right advice at the right time, every time.



Your relationship with Bastow & Co begins with a complimentary consultation that gives you a clear insight into Andrew’s methodology and the advantages his expertise can bring. This informal meeting is also a chance to discuss your financial goals in detail, identify your personal requirements, assess the benefits and clearly outline any associated costs.



Having created a bespoke investment profile and outlined your financial objectives, Andrew will undertake extensive research and planning on your behalf, exploring the market and investigating every possibility, to provide you with a suite of personalised options. This includes using advanced cashflow modeling to create accurate projections and plans.



Andrew will present a detailed proposal tailored to your objectives and a clearly written report outlining the next steps. This will take into account your existing financial situation and any products you may currently have, such as savings, investments, pensions or life assurance. Threats and opportunities will also be highlighted – allowing you to, avoid pitfalls and capitalise on market changes



Bastow & Co will only put your plan into action when you are 100% satisfied with every detail. At this stage, Andrew will initiate any investments and set up any other financial products you agree will complement your overall strategy – allowing you to truly start achieving your ambition.



If, over time, your goals and timescales change or the markets suddenly fluctuate, Bastow & Co will help you to fine-tune your financial strategy accordingly. Andrew will regularly review and monitor your progress, helping you to develop flexible strategies that take into account your personal circumstances and the changing economic and legislative landscape.

A common sense approach to common financial needs

While no two clients are alike, certain financial needs and concerns are universal. I strive to answer my clients’ needs and address their concerns in everything I do. I robustly protect the gains they have accumulated, while ensuring their assets work harder, year on year. I help them to pursue a pragmatic approach to tax that ensures they never pay more than they need to. Above all, I help my clients to attain and maintain financial independence and security, and, where appropriate, ensure their wealth is available for future generations.

It all starts with a conversation

Take your financial planning to the next level, get in touch today for a complimentary consultation.


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